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MK3 ELITE Open Water Wetsuit


Designed for racing, the MK3 ELITE is a high-performance open-water swimming wetsuit offering maximum buoyancy, comfort and flexibility.

The MK3 ELITE wetsuit is a true racing wetsuit, constructed entirely from Yamamoto #39 neoprene and featuring panels of 5mm, air-pocketed, Aerodome* neoprene.

Designed with all the high performance features needed, the MK3 Elite delivers the maximum wetsuit advantage possible.

Strategically placed 5mm, 3mm and 1.5mm thick panels offer unrivalled buoyancy, excellent flexibility and comfort.

* What is Aerodome Neoprene?
The Blu Smooth 5mm Aerodome Neoprene is made by sandwiching sheets of Yamamoto #39 Neoprene together with air pockets in the middle layer producing 30 percent more buoyancy than standard 5mm neoprene.


  • Yamamoto #39 smoothskin, SCS coated neoprene.
  • Hyper-stretch nylon inner lining on the underarm and arm panels.
  • Smooth textured, super-stretch nylon lining on the torso, leg and back panels.


  • 5mm torso and upper leg panels.
  • 5mm arm and underarm panels
  • 3mm back and lower-leg panels


  • A single-layer, unfolded, neoprene collar with a soft/smooth inner lining. Designed to reduce chaffing.


  • Stitched internally and glued on the outside.
  • Neoprene tape covering the inside sleeve and lower leg stitching
  • Neoprene dots covering the seam corners and stress points


  • Quality, smooth running YKK zip

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MK3 ELITE Open Water Wetsuit
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