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Open Water Swimming Wetsuits


Blu Smooth offers a 1 year limited warranty. The limited warranty extends to all products produced by Blu Smooth, sold in it’s original packaging and used solely for their intended purpose.

The limited warranty extends exclusively to the original owner when purchased from blusmooth.com or an authorised Blu Smooth retailer. It is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and covers faulty workmanship and material defects.

The limited warranty is not transferrable. A copy of your sales receipt must be retained as proof of your purchase.


What is covered by the warranty:

  • Manufacturing or workmanship defects
  • Material defects
  • Zipper defect

What is not covered by the warranty:

  • General wear and tear from normal use*
  • Improper care
  • Fingernail punctures
  • Accidental rips or tears
  • Zipper damage through excessive force
  • Prolonged exposure to chlorine or abrasive substances
  • Damage from sunlight or improper use
  • Unauthorised repairs or alterations

* General wear and tear includes:

  • Wear and fading of screen printed logos
  • Seam tape and dot separation
  • Excessive usage
Blu Smooth reserves the right to rule on whether damage to a wetsuit or related product is general wear and tear, accidental, misuse or a factory fault. If a Blu Smooth product is determined fall under the limited warranty coverage then Blu Smooth will either repair or exchange the product for a like product, depending on the assessment. This strictly applies only within the 1 year warranty period.Blu Smooth products are designed for swimming and the limited warranty only extends to the use of Blu Smooth wetsuits and products for swimming (both salt water and fresh water) and for triathlons. Evidence of damage related to other activities such as surfing, bodyboarding or scuba diving will nullify the warranty.High performance materials are used in the production of Blu Smooth wetsuits and they are highly susceptible to misuse and accidental damage. We highly recommend carefully reviewing and following all the fitting and care instructions.To lodge a warranty claim please contact your regional distributor. Should a wetsuit need to be returned for a warranty claim you will be responsible for the shipping cost. They will also require proof of your original purchase and the date. The cost of shipping of a repaired or replacement wetsuit to a customer will be covered by the distributor.
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